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Ruins Chichèn Itza,Tulum & Cobà

When you arrive in Mexico you have to visit the Mayan Ruins we reccomend this trip, perfect if you rent a car.
If you are driving, you have options on which route to take. In the past we have always recommended the toll road, which is expensive but direct and quick.

You can now also take the free road,,the Ruta de Cenotes road, which begins just south of Puerto Morelos. Its  about thirty minutes longer, as you will pass through many little villages  .

If you take the toll road, drive north towards Cancun -take the Chichén Itzá /Merida/Valladolid exit to the cuota (toll) road.
it cost about $267 pesos , but the road is in very good shape, quiet and very fast.
If you take the free road, drive north towards Puerto Morelos on the lateral road beside the highway (left side)you can see the Ruta de Cenotes road , you need take the return under the overpass and return for 1 km till you see again on your right side the ruta the cenotes turn there.

This road will take you all the way to Leona Vicario, where you will join the main free highway to Valladolid/Merida/Chichen Itza.

Chichén Itzá opens at 8:00 am, try to be there before 9:00 at least. Going early allows you to see most of the area before it gets too hot . Take water if you can and wear a big silly hat to protect your head from the sun. As soon as you arrive at the site, head for the big pyramid (el Castillo) and climb it before the crowds do. Update: Since 2007 you can no longer climb the big pyramid at Chichen Itza. It may be a temporary ban or a permanent one.

From Playa Del Secreto to Tulum RUINS it is very simple you take the 307 highway stright towards TULUM 1 hour.

after arriving to the ruins of Tulum tours take no more than one hour, you can go to visit the Ruins of COBA', it take 45 minuts drive 1 hour, follow the sign for ISLA HOL-BOX & COBA'staright worth see the Ruins and since there there is lot of walking I suggest to rent a Bike once  inside .