Weddings in Mexico

Weddings in Casa Chanty

Mexico its a lovely country, Married in Mexico on a deserted beach is a dream that can become real in Playa del Secreto at Casa Chanty.

We will take care of the organization and coordination. We are here to help you, so you can completely relax in the most beautiful day of your life, we feel honored to organize your wedding our wedding planner will contact you as soon as possible, but if youn already have your own wedding planner it is not a problem we can contact her and arrange for the cerimony.


*Wedding location
*Wedding planner


* Price is referred to 18-20 people sleeping at Casa Chanty

* The ceremony and wedding party usually starts at 4:00 or 5 00 p.m and ends at approximately 1:00 a.m.

* Waiters and Bartender have a service up to 7 hours beginning at 2:00 p.m and ends at 11:00.
They begin to assemble the tables and chairs.

* Additional charges may incur if you organize besides the wedding ceremony with people who are not sleeping at
Casa Chanty such as: wedding rehearsal dinners or parties.

Cost for Cerimony

To perform a Wedding at Casa Chanty people who rent the property will have to pay an extra fee of 500 usd for the use of the location max 25/28 persons allowed.


Civil ceremony

Civil ceremony with an international certificate.

A civil ceremony in Mexico with an official marriage certificate should be celebrated by a Mexican judge. For the ceremony we take care of doing the paperwork with all the require documents. It is necessary a blood test, as it is mandatory in Mexico. A doctor can go to Casa Chanty in the day of your choosing. It is also require having 4 witnesses, if you need we will provide. The  certificate it is send to Chetumal (Quintana Roo state capital). Here it is apostille the document so that the Mexican marriage certificate is validated around the world.
The document it is sent by DHL carrier within a couple of weeks . Once it is translated in an official way, you can take it to your country civil court to have it validated.

Price $1,300.00 (only ceremony)

The Mayan Ceremony

The Mayan Ceremony is the human connection with the universe. Before joining the couple in matrimony, the shaman purifies the altar with copal.

To celebrate the ceremony, the shaman asks permission to the fourth cardinal points, shaking a Shell to all fourth points. The meaning of this ceremony is that you represent the fifth cardinal point that joins heaven and earth...The Mayan ceremony it is a deep and wonderful spiritual experience and it will be a memory that will be imprinted in your memory. The ceremony take around 45 minutes and it can be officiated in English and Spanish.

Price $400 (only ceremony)

Symbolic Ceremony

The symbolic ceremony it is perfect to whom it is already married and wants to renew marriage vows, or sometimes even as a simple love declaration. These types of rituals are also appropriate for people that are celebrating their silver or gold anniversary.
The symbolic rite does not follow any rules; the couple can choose the place for the ceremony and the content of this. The symbolic ceremony can be celebrated by a pastor or a family member.
It can be personalize  Remember that the symbolic ceremony does not have a legal value, nor it is a holy sacrament for the church.

Price $300.00 (only cerimony)


*Symbolic Cerimony


* Flowers *Arch is included*
* Bouquèt
* 1 hours Photographer
* 2 Waiters
* 1 Bartender
* Tables tiffany's chairs
* Food and soft drinks (include 1 hours open bar with alchool).
* Wedding cake
* Coordination
* Location for wedding * mentioned above $900usd*
* Back ground Music along the event
* 2  hour live soft music during reception.


Decorations (included in the package)

We can reproduce any type of the decoration. There are no limits for your imagination. We take care of organizing the place of the event with attention to detail, helping you choose the perfect style for you.

Hair & Makeup (not included)

We work with professionals in the Mayan Riviera. In the day of your wedding an expert will go directly to Casa Chanty and will provide you with an excellent service. If possible, you can send us a week before the wedding a picture of the style for hair and makeup that you want for that day, and our professional will make your dreams come true.
$170 usd

Catering (not included)

We work with international chefs from Mexico, France and Italy to spoil your taste. Thanks to their great experience and versatility they can create a personalized menu that is capable of satisfying the toughest critic. 

Flowers (inc luded)

The Mayan Riviera offers a wide selection of bright colorful tropical flowers, or if you prefer something more classical and romantic we have that too. It will help us if you can send a picture of the decoration you prefer so we can work with the florist to reproduce your request.
Bouquet $50/ 80

Music & Entertainment (included in the package of $240usd x person)

Everything is possible from a saxophonist in a deserted beach to accompany the ceremony, or romantic music if you prefer even a “trio”. We also offer harp or acoustic guitar music and water drums. To entertain your party we will select the best DJs from the Mayan Riviera with a wide selection of music to fit every taste, along with lights in the dance floor and special gadgets for your guests
Hupa 200 $
Mariachi 300 $ for Hours
Soft Music (Singer Music Base) 250$ for 2 Hours (perfect)

Photography ( 1 hour included in the first package "only photos" video is not included)

We work with professional photographers with international experience capable of capturing the bright emotions and expressions, as well as the funniest moments during the ceremony. What to do with the wedding dress after the wedding?
Do you rather keep it in the closet as a memoir, or use it for an incredible photo shoot after the wedding? The final TTD (trash the dress) is the effort to capture the couple’s essence, in photographs in a genuine, informal and exciting way. The couple can immerse in the crystalline waters the beach and have this unique experience. Photos under the water and out of context from the traditional marriage, they are perfect for that couple that is not afraid to mess up the wedding dress because they know they will never use it again, after all you already meet your lifetime partner!

Photos 250 $ for hour
Video 300 $ for hour